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Regular Dental Health Services

Dr Terry Gomez Recommends Regular Dental Health Services

Do you know that gum disease affects plenty of people because they don’t obtain dental health services on a regular basis? A lot of people only see a dentist when their oral problem has gone worse, and truly, that is the only time they see the dental professional.

“It would be good to know the two categories of gum diseases so you will know which type is already affecting you. This will also alert you to locate the nearest family dental center in Albuquerque for emergency dental care whenever you are troubled with gum issues like these. Furthermore, you will be able to save yourself from more damage and avoid losing your precious teeth”, clarifies Dr Terry Gomez, DDS, an emergency dental care Albuquerque professional.

Gingivitis is considered a non-destructive type of gum disorder that manifests as tender, swollen or reddish gums and bleeding during tooth brushing. Gingivitis can also bring bad breath to the person. However, this is easy to solve by practicing good oral hygiene.

“When you notice that you have these symptoms, you should take extra effort to have an improved oral hygiene until such time that you can get treated at an emergency dental care Albuquerque center. In addition, improving your brushing routine and flossing after meals are vital in managing the presence of gingivitis and avoiding infections”, explains Dr Terry Gomez, DDS.

The other type of gum disease is called periodontitis and more severe than the former. This happens when gingivitis has been neglected, leading to the infection of the periodontium, the tissues which surround and support a tooth.

“Once a person starts to feel pain in the mouth, the periodontitis has already advanced. There is also a noticeable bone loss between teeth, so there will be visible pockets between the teeth and gums, allowing more space for bacteria to lodge. As bacterial population gets higher, infection can spread to the jawbone. Once more, additional teeth can be lost, and there will also be a slew of new problems to expect in susceptible individuals, such as heart problems”, tells cosmetic dentist in Albuquerque, Dr Terry, DDS.

Thus, to understand the difference between the two gum disorders, look at the comparison below:

Gingivitis – Occurs before periodontitis and will progress to periodontitis if untreated. This is due to poor oral hygiene.

Periodontitis – This is the condition where the gum and bone pulls away from the teeth, forming huge pockets for bacteria and debris to fill in. The surrounding tissues can break down, get damaged, so tooth will have no support and can fall out.

How is periodontitis diagnosed? When you suspect that you need periodontal disease treatment, the dentist can examine the mouth with a periodontal probe. Once the probe reaches far deeply into the gum line, it means that huge pockets have formed and the gums have receded. This is usually a situation which needs emergency dental care, but periodontitis is considered chronic or a long-term type of inflammatory disease. This requires regular teeth cleaning, scaling and debridement.

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