Albuquerque’s Most Caring and Quality General Dentistry

When you want the finest general dentistry in Albuquerque, NM, make an appointment for yourself and your family members at the clinic of Terry Gomez DDS. She cares about all of her patients and uses this caring manner and gentle touch to make every appointment a gratifying experience.

Long-Lasting Dental Services

You want to keep your teeth as healthy as possible, and that means following a routine of brushing, flossing, and regular dental checkups. In this way, you will keep your teeth and gums sound, and your overall wellbeing will benefit too. At our family dentistry, we help every member of your family maintain their beautiful smiles. We do this by providing preventive dental care such as cleanings and many other procedures, including implants and teeth whitening.

Through regular dental appointments, we’ll develop long-term relationships with the whole family. We get to know you, and you get to know us. If you’re a bit anxious about dental procedures, we understand and will work hard to make you comfortable. These routine checkups set a good example for your children regarding the importance of oral healthcare, and we’re ready to support you in that goal.