Teeth Whitening Details for Albuquerque, NM, Patients

When you want pearly whites, but brushing and flossing aren’t doing enough, Terry Gomez DDS has a solution. Our teeth whitening in Albuquerque, NM, is ideal for people with healthy teeth and gums, yellow tones that respond well, and no fillings or crowns that could change color. How often the procedure is needed depends on the desired shade, exposure to foods and liquids that stain, and the type of material used.

Some commercial “whitening toothpaste” options can have moderate impacts on stain removal and brightness, but many have abrasive substances that can take a toll on enamel. Professional teeth whitening treatment at our office is considered the safest and most effective method. Over-the-counter systems can work if you follow the directions and have them monitored, but dentist-supervised, at-home bleaching brings more benefits. We ensure the customized tray fits, inspect the gums for irritation, and see how the process is going.

The First Steps to Teeth Whitening Treatment

It’s important to have an oral exam and a complete review of your medical history. Whitening isn’t good for patients who are pregnant, have sensitive teeth or allergies to the material, are under 16, or have active tooth decay or gum disease. Terry Gomez DDS can assess the extent of stains and locations of restorations or fillings to decide the best treatment for you. Schedule an appointment to get started today.